Why Does Coffee Make me Sleepy? Know the Truth

Why Does Coffee Make me Sleepy? Know the Truth

Do you are one of those who only get opposite effects when they drink Coffee? If Coffee, which is one of the world’s most famous drinks, makes you sleepy, perhaps it is because you are more active than your thinking.

Why Does Coffee Make me Sleepy

Several types of research found the reason behind this sleepy effect. A lot of people little understands it, but well experienced by many others. A Ph.D. Candidate at the University of British Columbia, Mr. Jay Hosking, concluded that neither Coffee nor any other stimulants increase your motivation level.

Hosking Concluded that research after he rats samples into two groups: active and lazy, and give them Coffee and amphetamines. The rats’ active group starts to feel listless, while the naturally stagnant ones begin to feel activated by Coffee and got amazingly quick and motivated responses.

Similarly, like human beings, some rats are more motivated to solve problems; that’s why they are the ideal candidate for this research.

Reason Why Does Coffee Make me Sleepy or Tired?

How coffee affects our body, let me explain with an example of adenosine blockade. Adenosine is a chemical present in the nervous system that regulates the cycle of wakefulness and sleep. During waking, adenosine levels rise, and when we sleep, they decrease.

So, What does coffee have to do with it? Coffee blocks the receptors of adenosine and prevents the brain from receiving it. But the process of adenosine production has not stopped anyway! Therefore, when caffeine’s effects wear off, Excess of that chemical, leading to tiredness feelings in our body.

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